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How to take care of dry and damaged hair

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Ivy Beauty Argan Oil Hair Collection

“As much as I admire her, I can never be the woman she is.” This is the school of thought of many ladies today. Do you feel the same way too? Do you think you are just too busy and in the middle of a chaotic schedule to care for your hair? Well, knowing that your hair looks dry and tired is the first step to achieving the shine and nourishment you desire. We know you want to look beautiful and yes, there is a great solution. Interestingly, it is a natural one too. Argan oil is an extract of the kernels of the Moroccan Argan Tree and its vitamin, fatty acids, and mineral combination are just ideal for the healing and growth of your hair.

Argan oil creates a unique shine, providing your hair with conditioning for the long term. What can be as great as making use of a natural, healthy product on your hair? What more? Argan oil is even safe to eat – an exceptional quality that makes it all the more nourishing for your hair.

At Ivy Beauty, we take the natural hair feel a step further. Our argan oil hair collection offers a perfect blend of shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask. This combination is just ideal for hair regeneration, giving your hair a magical, golden finish. How so?

  • Our shampoo solution on its own is effective for calming itchy scalp, reducing redness, and fighting dryness.

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  • Our hair conditioner solution is also great for hydrating and nourishing the hair. It is also valuable for improving detangling, protecting the hair against potential damage, and evening up the hair surface.

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  • Our hair mask provides a perfect blend of deep conditioning and nourishing effects. Its ingredients help to provide a super shiny feel and soft texture.

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Although it is easy to trust any hair treatment formula when you find shampoo and conditioner among the long list of ingredients, it would be ideal to be absolutely sure of the other contents. These other ingredients in the solution may be doing your hair more harm than good. You hair is gold, it defines your personality – as such, it must be treated with absolute care. At Ivy Beauty, we value the solution nature provides. As such, our argan oil hair collection is free from paraben and sulfate – we take pride in providing the earth’s finest solution into a mix for your hair. It is our goal to continuously provide solutions free from chemicals that can be harmful for your hair and overall health.

When it comes to beauty and body care, nature is the ideal supplier. Argan Oil is great for all kinds of hair – and in addition to our nourishing, aggressive ingredients, you can rest assured the healthy regrowth of your hair has never been this easy.