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About us

As a young couple and aspiring entrepreneurs, living by socially constructed messages and imposed values, we were fearing the failure of turning a potential idea into a real business. Having spent months researching and looking at evidence relating to the harmful effects of constant exposure to pollution and chemicals that are used in everyday skin and body care products, we decided to take matters into our own hands and follow our dream.
That’s how we brought Ivy Beauty to life! 

Our Mission 
At Ivy Beauty, we take pride in providing all natural and highly effective skincare and hair care products at very affordable prices.

Our Vision 
Our vision is to create a truly organic and all natural range of products that are effective, affordable and accessible across UK.

Commitment to our Customers 
We live in an era of over-booked schedules, financial pressure, maximum stimulation and increased pollution, all of these having a direct impact on the health and appearance of your skin and body. We carefully research and globally source only the very best natural and suitable ingredients, always trying to bring home the best for our customers. Our promise to you lies in effectiveness and affordability.

Commitment to our Mother Earth 
Nature is the most generous supplier of nourishment when it comes to body care. We believe everyone deserves to experience the amazing benefits that nature has to offer, but we need to make sure the Earth stays as healthy and beautiful as us. Ivy Beauty is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner, with a promise to never use harmful chemicals, aggressive ingredients and to never test our products on animals.